The Molloys of Cincinnati Ohio

Welcome to our website tracing the various branches of our ancestral trees - the Molloys, Trustys, Vaughts, Jaspers, Bakers, Wrens, and all the other various wellheads we spring from. Our family history is richly woven into the tapestry of the American experience, with ancestry tracing back to the very earliest settlers of this country. In some lines we’ve been able to track back into the earliest centuries to our ancestors in Europe. A fascinating and windingly complex journey it is!

We are proud of our heritage. We are the sons and daughters of the Irish who fled persecution to this country in the mid-1800s, the Germans who immigrated to Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley in 1733 and the English who came in 1624 to Massachusetts with a grant from the king of England (James I) to be the king’s munitions maker in America. Some stayed and others went on to other places north, south, east and west. We seek to learn their history, their customs, their cultures, their beliefs, their wishes and their dreams. We seek to know them.

It’s been a lot of fun exploring the past and learning about our families. We’ve been inspired by the family tales and legends to collect the information on our family so we can keep the history, beliefs, and stories alive. In the following pages there are contact email addresses, histories and general family tid-bits.

This site is a family effort and we encourage all members of our extended families to contribute to this site.

Although much reliable documentation exists for many individuals and families in this database, make no assumption that all of the genealogical data in these files is "gospel truth". Please treat this site as a tool in your continuing research.

(The Drafting of the Declaration of Independence, Jean Leon Gerome Ferris.)

We are today what their dreams were yesterday.