Pictures of the Molloy, Jasper, Vaught, Trusty Family

Descendants of Fannie Trusty Ashley daughter of

 Adam Trusty & Caroline Belle Riggin

Photos and information provided by Arnold Ashley (Great Grandson of Adam Trusty.)



Ashley Family

 Grandfather, Grandmother and Father of Arnold Ashley

Chester b. Oct 23, 1880. Fannie b. Sept 1, 1883. Fannie is the Sister of Walter V. Trusty.  Jason b. June 23, 1903. Jason is the Father of Arnold Ashley. Elsie b. July 20, 1908. Leonard b. Feb 15, 1913. Ina b. July 15, 1916. Fannie married Chester Ashley.

The Ashley Family lived on a small farm next to the farm of Walter V. Trusty in Casey County Ky. Jason Ashley lived on the farm of Walter Trusty and Arnold Ashley was born in the house in 1934. Marguerite Jean (Trusty) Molloy sold the farm to Jason Ashley when Walter died 1945. (Photo provided by Arnold Ashley)



Photo date: 1912

Back row from left: Walter Trusty, Hart Ashley, Baby Lutner Ashley (in Hart’s arms), Virgil Godbey, Lantz DeBord, Chester Ashley, Garfield Whiles, Alonzo Whiles

Third row from left: Caroline Belle (Riggins) Trusty (wife of Adam Trusty), Angie Ashley (holding Baby Hoy Ashley), Luet Godbey, Mae DeBord (holding Baby Hoy DeBord), Fannie Ashley, Samantha Whiles, Eva Whiles

Second row from left: (little girls kneeling) Edith Ashley, Murl DeBord, Mamie Godbey

Front row from left: (not sure of these –children sitting) Laura DeBord, ____ Ashley, Evelyn DeBord, Marie Godbey, ____ Godbey, Jason Ashley, Maynard Whiles, Les DeBord, Vader DeBord

The girl sitting second from left is probably Elsie Ashley, second child of Chester and Fannie. She was born in 1908. Jason Ashley was born in 1903.

The father of Hartwell Ashley, William Brownlow Ashley, and the father of Chester Ashley, Robert Thomas "Tom" Ashley, are brothers. Their father's name is Robert Smith Ashley.



The Trusty girls Back row: (left to right) Angie Ashley, Mae DeBord, Fannie Ashley

  Front row: (left to right) Luet Godbey, Samantha Whiles, Eva Whiles



Jason, Elsie, Ina, and Leonard Ashley. Children of Chester and Fannie Ashley



Angie Rose (Trusty) and Hartwell Jefferson Perry Ashley. The children in the photo are (left to right). Troy Ashley (in white shirt). Luther Vernon Ashley. The small boy in Angies lap Coy Jefferson . The girl behind her is Edith O and behind her is Lolita Hester Ashley.



Caroline Belle (Riggins) Trusty b. Nov 1853/IN (another record shows her born Nov 20, 1862?) d. Feb 8, 1915 Caroline is buried Bethelridgre, KY. Married Adam Trusty on Oct 11, 1876/IN. She was the daughter of John Wesley Riggins b: 1821 in Kentucky married Anna Rose Wren b:1820 in Montgomery, Kentucky



Cemetery photos provided by Arnold Ashley (Great Grandson of Adam Trusty.)



Nathaniel Trusty Born 1807 in Casey Co, Ky. Died 18 May 1871. Buried Brown Cemetery, Casey Co, Ky.



Adam Trusty was born Jan 1845 in Casey Co, Ky. Died 13 June 1900 in Casey Co, Ky. Buried Brown Cemetery, Casey Co, Ky.



Caroline Belle Riggin,Wife of Adam Trusty. Mother of Walter V. Trusty.



Walter V. Trusty Grandfather of Daniel, Thomas, Maureen, Patricia, Margaret.

Walter is buried beside his mother, Caroline, in the Bethelridge cemetery in Casey County, Kentucky.


William Marion Vaught & Elizabeth (Betty) Jasper Great Grandfather & Grandmother of Daniel, Thomas, Maureen, Patricia, Margaret.

Shady Grove Cemetery Pulaski County Kentucky.



James K. Vaught & Mary "Polly" Ann Smith. Great Great Grandfather & Grandmother of Daniel, Thomas, Maureen, Patricia, Margaret.

Mintonville Cemetery Pulaski County Kentucky.



Home of Walter V. Trusty. House has not been inhabited since the 50's.


Home of Chester & Fannie Ashley. Sister of Walter Trusty. House has not been inhabited since the 50's.


Home of Hartwell Ashley and Angie Rose Trusty Ashley. Shannon Clay Ashley is the great grandson of Angie Rose Trusty lived in the house as a child with his parents during the 1970's. There is a large fireplace in the center of the house with a attached kitchen and upstair loft. This is where the kids slept. The picture below of Adam and Caroline was found in this house. And they were identified by there grandson Coy Ashley.

House photos provided by Arnold Ashley. Information provided by Shannon Clay Ashley.


 The old Shermanville school. It was located on Fishing Creek near the Pulaski, Lincoln, and Casey county intersection.



Adam Trusty

Adam Trusty is the Great Grandfather of the Molloys. Photo provided by Shannon Clay Ashley


Caroline Belle (Riggin) Trusty

Caroline Belle (Riggin) Trusty is the Great Grandmother of the Molloys. Photo provided by Shannon Clay Ashley


 Hartwell Perry Ashley and Angie Rose Trusty.

Dauther of Adam Trusty & Caroline Belle (Riggin) Trusty and Great Grandfather & Grand Mother of Shannon Clay Ashley.