John Paul Vaught

Nine Generations

One is naturally interested in his ancestors. It is not difficult to know about one's grandfather, or even one's great-grandfather. But beyond that point, unless there are written recorders or documents of some character, the acquisition of definite information becomes almost impossible.

(Judge) Edgar S. Vaught
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John Paul (Johan Paulus Vogt) Vaught

 Maria Catherina

John Paul (Vogt) Vaught Land. Bought in 1744 and where he lived untill his death in1761 it is in what is now Rockingham Co, Va.

John Paul Vaught left Germany went to England where he and family boarded the Charming Betty and headed out across the mighty Atlantic arriving at Philadelphia Pa.11 oct 1733 by 1735 he had settled on Bloodsworth trail in Va. now Rt.609 on 600+ acres of land in 1744 he sold this land making his way across the Spotswood trail to the Big Valley, the Shenandoah Valley as we know it today. The Spotswood trail is Rt.33 where he baught this land 400+ acres and lived out his life here . It is said all of his Grand children were born here. They were Lutherin by fath. Hence the Frienden Luthern Church was built on the edge of his property. It is now a UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST ??? Some of the family also attended the Peaked Mt. Lutherin Church Located around the Cross Keys area. jsv

 Photo & Information provided by, John Sherman Vaught Oct 3, 2009

They arrived in Philadelphia, PA aboard the "Charming Betty" out of London on 11 October 1733. John 53, Maria 46, Caherina 18, Maria 16, Andreas 12, Casper 8, John Paul (Johan Paulus) VAUGHT was born about 1680 in Frankfurt, Germany. He died on Aug 18, 1761 in Augusta County, Virginia. John Paul was married to Maria Catherina some time between 1707 and 1713. She was also known as Catherina Margret. She was born about 1687 in Germany. She died after 1763 in Augusta County, Virginia or in Johnstown, Bates County, Missouri. Their Children were Catherina Margret born about 1715 in Germany, Mary Catherina, born about 1717 in Germany, John Andrew born about 1721 in Carlsbad Germany and John Gasper born about 1725 in Germany .

More on John Paul.

John Paul was born in 1680 in Frankfort Germany. "The Virginia Germans" By Klaus Wust (2nd Printing), pg 50, Has "'John Bum Gardner' (No Doubt Hans Baumgartner), 'Native of Risenbach' took his oath. With him John Paul Vogt of Frankfort and Andrew Vogt of 'Carlsbad in Germany' became subjects."When any one took their oath in Williamsburg it was required that they state their place of birth. A descendant of Chester Vaught, reported that it was a family tradition that John Paul came from Luckenberg, Germany. This small village is near Thalfang which is between Trier and Cochem and near the Mosel river. Luckenberg is too small to have a church or to appear on most maps. Any chruch records would be with those of Thalfang. Dr Helmut Hilgenfeld, a priest and local historian in Thalfang Germany did not find any Vogts in the records there. Dr Hilgenfeld stated that in his opinion, John Paul Vogt could have been a stranger to The district. Strangers were not allowed into the district by the Bishop of Trier who was the small lord in charge. However, a few millers were allowed in. As strangers the millers had no Rights. For example, they could not hold land. This could be one reason that John Paul Vogt emigrated. The fact that John Paul was from Frankfort and later from Carlsbad, supports the opinion of Dr Hilgenfeld that John Paul was a stranger to Luckenberg. John Paul was married to Maria Catherina (also known as Catherina Margret) some time between 1704 and 1714. Their children were Catherina Margret, Mary Catherine, John Andrew, and John Casper. The "Charmingbetty" out of London, John Ball Master, arrived in Philadelphia, PA on 11 Oct 1733 and had Johan Vogt 53, Andreas Vogt 12, Casper Vogt 8, Maria Vogt 46, Catherian Vogt 18, Maria Vogt 16. (Source---"Pennsylvania German Pioneers" Vol 42, Pp 134-136.) German names on the roster were Katner, Meakle, Gruber, Vogt, Leebegoot, Spag, Burger, Imler, Stoker, And Heltsell. The only German names on the ships roster that was later associated with John Pual Vogt was "Burger".

Spellings for the Vogt name in the old records include; Vaught, Vought, Vault, Vaut, Vot, Faut, Faught, Fought, Fog't, Full, Wacht, Waught, Wocht, Nacht, Bellfaught, etc.

John Paul and his family arrived in Philadelphia in Oct 1733. By Jan 1735, John had his First land patent. So from October 1733 to Jan 1735 he arrived at, settled on, and probably built a home on, his land in an area of German settlement in the morther neck of Orange Co., Va. Much of the land in the Great Fork between the Rappahannock and Rapidan Tivers in what is today Madison and Culpeper Co., Va was settled by Germans. John Paul's patent for 640 acres of land in Orange Co., Va was recorded in Jan 1735. John Pauls's land adjjorned that of Christian Clements. Christian's land was patented 21 Nov 1734, a few months before John Paul got his patent. Both John's and Christian's land would today be in Madison Co., Va near the Culpeper Co., line and on state route 609. Neighboring land owners were John Hufman, Capt. Robert Green, Capt. Henry Fields, Jr., Mr Thornton, Capt. Benjamen Roberts, Thomas Kenerly, Joseph Bloodworth, Samuel Coleman, Conrade Amberger, and Docttennant. Christian Clements married one of John Paul's daughter probably Catherine Margret, since Christian's wife was often referred to as Catherine. The marriage probably took place before they move to the Great Valley in 1744. John Paul may have attended the Hebron Luteran Church which is still in use in Madison Co., Va. John Paul Vaught and his wife Mary Catherine sold 170 acres, part of his original patent, to William Caul on 7 Jul 1744. John Paul also sold 470 acres , the rest of the patent in 1744 to John Thomas for 5 schillings. John Paul may have moved to Tte Massanutten Mountain area between Jul 1744 and Oct 1744. John purchased 400 acres from David Logan in the Shenandoah Valley in 1744. John patented land on a North Draft of the North River of the Shenandoah 20 Sep 1745. John Paul lived nest to John Baumgartner on the North River. Christian Clements patented land on the SE side of the South River of the Shenandoah on 25 Sept 1746. In 1749 John Paul Vaught and Christian Clements had a survey run on land on the South River. John Paul Died at his home in the Shenandoah Valley in 1761. When he moved there, the Co was Orange. When he died there, the Co was Augusta. Today the County is Rockingham. John Paul's will was dated 9 Oct 1759 and was proved 18 Aug 1761. His estate Sale and appraisal were dated 10 Sept 1761. Besides his sons Andrew and Gasper, only one daughter, the one who married Christian Clements, is mentioned in John's will. It is therefore assumed that the other daughter died without issue priort to Oct 1759, the date of John's will.

Ref:  The Descendants of Christley Vaught" Vol 1&11 by (Helen Spurlin and Mickey Martin). They Came To Kentucky by (Alberta Carson Kirkwood).




 John Andrew (Andreas) Vaught, SR

 Elizabeth Catherine Ermentrout

John Andrew (Andreas) Vaught, Sr was born about 1721 in Carlsbad, Germany. He died about 1787 in Montgomery County, VA. John Andrew was married to Elizabeth Catherine Ermentrout between 1741 and 1744 when he was about 22 years old in Orange Co., VA. It is possible that Andrew Vaught Sr. died 1787-1788 in Wy. Co., VA. Their Children were, George born about 1742/1745, John born about 1747, Gaspar born about 1749 Augusta,Virginia, Christley born about 1751/1755, David Vaught born about 1757, Andrew Jr, born about 1760/1763 and Henry Vaught Sr born about 1764.

Of the 7 sons of Andrew listed above, three left wills: George, John and Christley. This helps determine their families. Henry's family can be put together from several sources, but primarily from the sale of his land in 1850 Pulaski County, Kentucky, signed by his heirs.

His name also appears as Andrew Vaught. He married Elizabeth, They could have married in the Piedmont of Va or in the Shenandoah Valley. Both locations were in Organe Co.,Va in 1741-1744. In 1743 Germans began moving south from the Shenandoah Valley follwoing the Indian path between the Blue Ridge and the Appalachians. These immigrants passed the German settlements on the Headwaters of the James River and settled on Reed Creek and Crippled Creek, tributaries to the New River. Seventy-Five German families were there before the Revolution. John Andrew Vaught was assignee of John Parkes for 600 acres of the head of the Reed Creek, surveyed in 1753-54 and Andrew was to pay the interest on the land starting in 1762. Andrew sold land in the Peaked Mt. area to his brother, Gasper, in May 1762, and again in Feb 1768. By 1772, the Vaught name appears on the militia lists from southwest Va. Most records for Andrew Vaught and his sons are from what is today Wythe Co area. In 1770 Reed Creek and Cripple Creek were in botetourt Co., Va from 1772-1777 the area was Fincastle Co., Va. In 1777 the area became Montgomery Co., Va. Wythe Co., Va was formediIn 1790. The area of Cripple Creek where some of the Vaughts lived became Smyth Co, in 1832. During the 1770s in Southwest Va, Vaughts other than Andrew began to appear in the records, starting with John Vaught in 1772. These were probably sons of Andrew Vaught, Sr., who were reaching adulthood. The records from 1772 to 1792 tield the names Andrew Vaught Sr., Andrew Vaught Jr., George Vaught, John Vaught, Gasper Vaught, Christian Vaught, David Vaught and Henry Vaught. No probates or land settlements have been found for Andrew Vaught or his brother Gasper Faught, sons of John Paul Vaught. To list the children of both takes some guesswork. There is no evidence that Andrew's brother Gasper or any of Gasper's children ever moved to this southwestern part of Va. A German birth fraktur exists that states the parents of He Babe, Andrew, were George and Christiana (Phillippi) Vaught and the Grandparents were Andrew and Elizabeth Vaught. John Paul's son Andrew is known to have a wife Elizabth. The date on the fraktur, Feb 1787, is the right time period to provide proof that Andrew had a son George. There is, so far, no proof of this assumption other than land association and the lack of any other know Vaught in the areaatt the time to whom the other 6 Vaught men could have belonged. A taxlist of 1787 in Wythe Co., Va lists both Andrew Vaught, Sr., And Andrew Vaught, Jr. So Andrew, S/O John Paul Vaught, was still alive in 1787. In 1786, George Vaught granted 572 acreas on the headwaters of Crippled Creek, to Henry Vaught and to Christley Vaught for 20 pounds. On the same day, Henry granted 130 acreas of his share to Christley Vaught for 10 pounds. In 1788, the old survey (1753-54), was assigned to Gasper Vaught, viz, 200 acres to Adam Dutton and 200 acres to Philip Dutton. In 1790 (Survey Book D, Pg 61m Item 463) Gaspar Vaught resurveyed the 600 acres on Reed Creek that were in the name of Andrew Vaught. The old survey was apparently being settled. These land maneuvers tend to paint a picture of estate settlement, and it is possible that Andrew Vaught Sr., died around 1787 in Montgomery Co., Va. No evidence of any possible daughters of Andrew has been found. However, Mary Vaught was a sponsor for the baptims of Mary Creager in 1797. This Mary Vaught does not fit any but Gasper had another daugther named Mary. So she may have been a daughter of Andrew no other reference for this Mary Vaught has been found. It appears that all of Andrew and Elizabeth's sons were married after the move to southwest Va about 1770. Many of the Vaughts in southwestern Va were sympathetic to the Loyalists, and not to the Revolution, On April 1779, in Wythe Co., Va, Michael Henninger claimed in court hat a group of 4,000 men under John Giffith had shown loyalist sympathies. This group included John and David Vaught and "the old Vaught who owned the mill." at the trial these men, John and David were released on their good behavior. Andrew Vaught of Cripple Creek was included in the group of loyalist sympathies by the testimony of Peter Kinder on 17 Aug 1780. (This would have been Andrew Vaught, Jr) these Germans took their oath to King George seriously, they nearly all named a son George. John and David Vaught were later fined 1000 pounds each. John, David, and Andrew Vaught went to Tn by 1792. It is possible that John and David lieft the county and state rather than pay such a heavy fine.

Ref:  The Descendants of Christley Vaught" Vol 1&11 by (Helen Spurlin and Mickey Martin).

Note: "....John Paul Vaught made oath in open court that this is the first time of proving his importation into this Colony and that he imported Mary Catherine his wife John Andrew and John Casper his two sons and Catherine Margret and Mary Catherine Vaughts his two daughters..." Elizabeth, Andrew Vaught's wife, is in the records on p3 "Oxcarts". We were told that "Ermentrouts" had always lived in the Frieden church valley. There are references to Frieden church as Ermentrouts church. How can this be when the Vaughts owned all the land there from 1744 to 1779? One way would be that Andrew married Elizabeth (Ermentrout?) A wild guess of mine. It would not surprise me however, if Andrew married Elizabeth someone-else!

Helen Spurlin



Henry Vaught

 Catharina Dottering

Henry Vaught was born between 1761 or 1764 in Augusta County, Virginia. He died in 1838 in Pulaski County, Kentucky. Henry married twice. He was married to Catharina Dottering about 1786. Catharina Dottering died in 1794 in Wythe Co., Virginia. They had the following children: Jacob. born about 1787/1788 in Montgomery Virginia, William (Wilhelm) Vaught born 19 Nov 1789 in Montgomery,Virginia, Elizabethb born abouth 1791 in Wythe Virginia, Henry born 24 Apr 1794 in Wythe Virginia He was married to Esther Baugh on July 28 1795 in Wythe Co., Virginia. Henry Vaught and Esther Baugh had the following children: Barbara Vaught b. 24 May 1796 in Wythe Virginia, Mary "Polly" Magdalena Vaught b. About 1798 in Wythe Virginia, Isaac Vaught b. 22 Apr 1799 in Wythe Virginia, Salemon(Solomon) Vaught b. 4 Mar 1802 in Wythe Virginia, Anna Vaught b.16 Mar 1804 in Wythe Virginia, Sarah A. "Sally" Vaught b.19 Apr 1806 in Wythe Virginia, Jemima Vaught b.12 Aug 1808 in Wythe Virginia, Jeremiah T. Vaught b. 1814 in Pulaski Kentucky, Abraham Vaught b. 1815 in Pulaski Kentucky.

From the book: "The Descendants of Christley Vaught" Vol. 1&2, by Helen Spurlin and Mickey Martin. (Chester Vaught, after listening to tales of the Vaughts from his grandfather William K. Vaught, reported that Henry, with his family and others, traveled by 2 wheel ox carts, and one of the men lost his wife on the way. There is nothing in the records to indicate that a Vaught family other than Henry's went to KY in the fall of 1811. This group of Vaughts joined Gaspar on Pitman Creek and bought land in 1811-1815 next to Gaspar. Certainly it would appear that Henry Vaught is closely related to Gaspar, probably a brother.)

Note: We believe that the above statement "Chester Vaught, after listening to tales of the Vaughts from his grandfather William K. Vaught" is not correct. Chester Vaught was not born when our William K. Vaught died. It had to be James Killies Vaught. Information provided by John Sherman Vaught.

Henry was buried at the Henry Cemetery in Pulaski Co., KY. This Cemetery was plowed under by a developer (no trace remains.) It was on Henry's land and just off the Stilesville road.

Ref:  The Descendants of Christley Vaught" Vol 1&11 by (Helen Spurlin and Mickey Martin).




Jacob Vaught

Mary "Molly" Magalene Carmany

Jacob Vaught 1788-1860 was born in 1788 in Montgomery Virginia. He died in 1860 in Pulaski County, Kentucky. Jacob Vaught lived in Virginia. He weighed over 300 pounds. He was married to Mary "Molly" Magalene Carmany on Aug 28 1810 in Wythe Co., Virginia. They had the following children: Katherine Vaught b.21 Jul 1811 in Wythe Virginia, William Killies (Billy) Vaught b. 14 Feb 1813 in Pulaski Kentucky, Margaret "Peggy" Vaught b. 9 Aug 1814 in Pulaski Kentucky, Mary Vaught b.1817 in Pulaski Kentucky, Jacob Vaught Jr. b.11 Jul 1818, Sarah A. Vaught b. 1 Dec 1818 in Pulask Kentucky, Elias Vaught b. About 1823 in Pulaski Kentucky, Sabra Vaught b. 23 Dec 1824 in Pulaski Kentucky.




William K. (Billy) Vaught

Mary Elder 

William (Billy) Vaught. Born 14 Feb 1813. He died 19 Mar 1880 Pulaski Co, Kentucky. William (Billy) Vaught married, Nancy Tubbs/Nancy Langdon 5 May 1834, Nancy Ann Compton 31 Dec 1834, Edna Cloyd February 26, 1852 and Mary Elder October 31, 1858.

Per 1850 Census. William (Billy) and Nancy Ann Compton had the following children: Serretha Jane Vaught b. about 1835 in Pulaski Kentucky, Jacob Vaught b. 10 Jan 1837, Daniel M. Vaught b. Jan 1839 in Pulaski Kentucky, Martin Van Buren Vaught b. 30 Dec 1841 in, Pulaski Kentucky, James Killies Vaught b. 4 Mar 1845 in Pulaski Kentucky, Lydia Ann Vaught b. Sep 1847 in Pulaski Kentucky. William & Mary Edna Carter-Cloyd had the following children: George "Doc" Franklin Vaught b. 30 Nov 1852, Melissa Ellen Adams Vaught b. 4 Feb 1855, Sarah F. Vaught b. 22 March 1958. All born Pulaski Kentucky.




James K. Vaught

 Polly Ann Smith

James K. Vaught was born 4 Mar 1845 in Casey County, Kentucky. He died 16 December 1921 in Casey County, Kentucky. Found on the 1850 census and also the book (The Oxcarts Thru The Cumberland Gap.) His Tombstone satate that he was born 1847. He Married "Polly" Ann Smith 17 Jan 1864 in Pulaski Co., KY. Polly was born 27 Aug 1842 and died 16 Sept 1926. Polly was the D/O Stephen and Polly Smith. They are both buried at (Mintonville Cemetery Pulaski County Kentucky. James K. Vaught and Polly Smith had the following children: Mary "Nancy" Vaught b. 7 Jan 1865 in Pulask Kentucky, William Marion Vaught b. 27 Jan 1867 in Pulaski Kentucky, Jesse Franklin Vaught b. 24 Nov 1868 in Pulaski Kentucky, Joshua W. Vaught b. 3 Dec 1871 in Pulaski Kentucky, Josiah "Sire" Matthew Vaught b. 21 Jul 1874 in Pulaski Kentucky, Lydia E. Vaught b. 14 Mar 1876 in Casey Kentucky, Edmund S. Vaught b. About 1879 in Pulaski Kentucky.

Was a veteran of the Civil War Union Army, Company 'D' Hall Gap Battalion, Kentucky State Troops, Rank Private, July 27, 1865- ?




William Marion Vaught

Elizabeth (Betty) JASPER 

William Marion Vaught was born 1/27/1867 died 1/31/1960 buried in Shady Grove Cemetery. Married Elizabeth K. Jasper born 6/1/1875 and died 2/16/1960. They were married 3/8/1896 in Pulaski County. She was his second wife, he was married first to Hulda (or Hilda) E. Dick on 9/12/1886. We believe she died young, perhaps in childbirth as they had a daughter Louisa B. Vaught who was born Jan 1889. The children as we have them for William & Elizabeth are as follows: Martha A. Vaught born 12/18/1896 died 4/18/1964 James D. Vaught born. 2/13/1898 died 4/15/1956, Bonnie F. Vaught born Apr,1899 married Walter Trusty grandmother of Daniel, Maureen, Thomas, Patricia, Margaret. Killas E. Vaught born. 6/28/1901 died. 1/3/1956, Sallie B. Vaught born. 6/8/1902 died. 8/21/1972, John G. Vaught born. 11/29/1903 died. 8/7/1971, William Chester Vaught born. 5/1/1905 died. 8/21/1972, Charles V. Vaught born. 10/9/1908 died. 9/5/1924, Cyres Thomas Vaught born. 12/27/1911 died 12/13/1997, Zella M. Vaught born 11/27/1915 (still alive) Jarvis Vaught born. 4/18/1918 died 11/9/1993.




Walter V. Trusty

 Bonnie F. Vaught 


We think Walter V. Trusty was born in 1891. We know he was born in KY his father was also born in KY/his mother was born in Kansas. He married Bonnie Vaught (daughter of William Marion Vaught and Elizabeth Catherine Jasper Vaught) in Somerset, (Pulaski County) KY, also born in KY, married her sometime around 1916-17. Marguerite Trusty Molloy’s notes show her born April 13, 1898 and dying Sept. 12, 1947.

They moved to Cincinnati, OH. He may have had other relatives in Cincinnati. We think they may have been the Allie May Trusty line in Cincinnati, also others maybe in Akron and Canton, OH (we think). Walter was killed working for the Pennsylvania Railroad 1945 somewhere between Cincinnati and Louisville.

When Walter and Bonnie divorced/the children went to the custody of Walter who supported them by working for the Pennsylvania Railroad (probably divorced mid to late 1920s, (he boarded then with relatives here in Cincinnati and in Akron, OH). In 1930 census the three children are listed as living in a boarding house in Stark County, Plain TWP, OH. Marguerite was 12, Bill was 10 and Tom was 6.

We believe they also lived with relatives on his side the Trusty/Debord/Merritt family in Cincinnati for some time after this, We think. Bonnie had another daughter subsequently that she named Bonnie, who was half-sister to Marguerite, Tom and Bill. This half-sister died in 2002 (cancer, We believe) in Canton where she lived most of her adult life, We believe. Her married name was Keller (Kellar?) and she had 4-5 children.

A 1920 Cincinnati census shows a Walter V. Trusty who was 26 and a machinist for the RR. He was born KY, his father KY and his mother was born in Kansas. Bonnie was 19 (We think she may have been 21) and born KY as also were her parents in (William Marion and Elizabeth Jasper). Marguerite was 1 year and 7 months old at this time, so we assume the census was filled out in January, 1920, and she was born in OH. She was born in Cincinnati. Amelia Earhart shows as a midwife on her birth certificate! and there was a 16 year old niece living with them whose last name was DeBord born in KY .

The children of Walter V & Bonnie F are as follows: Marguerite, Bill, Tom.




Daniel A. Molloy

Marguerite J. Trusty


Daniel A. Molloy married Marguerite Jean (Trusty) in 1941. Daniel born Cincinnati, OH/ November 30, 1908 died September 13, 1975. Marguerite Jean born May 26, 1918/Cincinnati, OH died January 17, 2000 pancreatic cancer.